Minneapolis Sprints
Saturday, June 16, 2018
One of the best places to watch rowing.

Sprint racing provides a unique spectating experience.  All the boats line up at the starting line together and race across Lake Nokomis to the finish line.

Starts are at the South end.
The finish line is at the North end. 
The course is a straight line on the East side of the lae.    

Order of Events   
Events begin at 8am

1 Open Men’s 4‐
2 Junior Girls 2x
3 Junior Boys 4+
4 Open Men’s 1x
5 Master Men’s 1x
6 Mixed 2x
7 Open Women’s 4‐
8 Junior Girls 1x
9 Junior Boys Novice 2x
10 Junior Girls 4+
11 Open Women’s 1x
12 Master Women’s 1x
13 Mixed 4x
14 Junior Boys 2x


15 Open Women’s 4x
16 Open Men’s 2‐/2x
17 Master Men’s 2‐/2x
18 Junior boys 1x
19 Junior Girls 4x
20 Open Women’s 2‐/x
21 Master Women’s 2‐/2x
22 Men’s Novice/Rec 1x
23 Junior Boys 4x
24 Junior Girls Novice 2x
25 Women’s Novice/Rec 1x
26 Open Men’s 4x